Camboy TheodorosChaleva is exposing his Sexy Body Live on Cam

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Hi my name is thodoris i M from Greece and i work as a rope Access hopies are going to mountains for walk and discovery.I aslo do canyioning and climbing.i play electronic music since i was younger Start playing with dvds.Then i bouth cd mashibes and it was more easy for me to nix up.few years ago the party coming and i playedin parties in clubs and other music events work in hights and i love my work very much .That’s why i go for extreme Sports and do canyioning.Live to be in water and inside the nature with people Who i love and conmunicate it’s other.I like aslo be with friends in house and make food out some wine or other drink.i have my own’ house and i have all the things to have fun and majed my Life easy.i like traveling and because of my work i travel a lot in all world.Ihave been ti Katar to honk Kong dubai india africa in a lot of cities in Europe Italy France spain and akso one time in America Los Angeles if yyou like my interest lets do the

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